Episode 70 / Red Dragon

Because he saw Red Dragon (2002) before he saw The Silence of the Lambs, a young and idiotic Matt thought it was just plumb terrific, and so he and his bride review it on this episode, which features extension discussion of the entire Hannibal Lecter/Thomas Harris universe (except for the television show Hannibal).

Episode 69 / Jawbreaker

Another of Laci’s faves is a cult classic from the ’90s: 1999’s Jawbreaker, the tale of three popular girls who accidentally murder their friend and then clumsily cover it up while also navigating the minefield that is high school. But about half of this episode is Matt explaining why he is disgusted by candy and how hard it was for him to watch this movie given the prominence of the titular Jawbreaker.

Episode 68 / The General

Deploy your cowcatcher and join Laci and Matt as they unpack Buster Keaton’s action-comedy classic, The General (1927). Often considered the greatest of all silent films, it is undoubtedly an impressive technical achievement… but can the jaded and cynical people of today enjoy a movie like this 100 years later after it was made? Listen and find out.