Jurassic Park (1993)

Episode 119 (June 21, 2024)

The Summer of Spielberg continues as Laci and Matt were able to buckle their seatbelts before their helicopter could land on Isla Nublar and they could meet up with AJ & Kristie from the In Love With Horror podcast to talk about Jurassic Park (1993). The four team up for a rollicking podcast so good it’ll have you shouting “Hello John!” at total strangers.

First of all, this famous action/horror/sci-fi/disaster epic has like 50 incredible lines of dialogue! So we just spend some time saying these lines at each other. But eventually we get into it, talking about the history of Michael Crichton’s novel and its adaptation by Steven Spielberg. Then we take a close look at the movie, wondering just how bad of a boss John Hammond must be and what exactly is the nature of his relationship with Ian Malcolm.

Also, apparently John Hammond was originally intended to sing a song to explain how Jurassic Park works? Instead they did the Mr. DNA thing, but we would love to hear that song. Who knows, maybe we will.

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Time stamps:
1:59 — In Love With Horror
8:09 — Our personal histories with Jurassic Park
28:33 — History segment: Career overview of Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton; overview of Spielberg’s career since 1982; and a brief overview of the production of the movie
46:45 — In-depth movie discussion
1:52:56 — Final thoughts and star ratings

Artwork by Laci Roth.

Music by Rural Route Nine. Listen to their album The Joy of Averages on Spotify (https://bit.ly/48WBtUa), Apple Music (https://bit.ly/3Q6kOVC), or YouTube (https://bit.ly/3MbU6tC).


Songs by Rural Route Nine in this episode: 

“Summer of Spielberg” – https://youtu.be/yglAqqLEaoI 

“Winston-Salem” – https://youtu.be/-acMutUf8IM

“Snake Drama” – https://youtu.be/xrzz8_2Mqkg

“The Bible Towers of Bluebonnet” – https://youtu.be/k7wlxTGGEIQ


“Summer of Spielberg” theme song credits:

Words and music written by Matt Stokes

Performed by Wade Hymel (drums/guitar), Laci Roth (vocals), and Matt Stokes (vocals/guitar/bass)

Produced by TJ Barends, Wade Hymel, and Matt Stokes

Engineered and mixed by TJ Barends at Bare Sounds Studio in Ponchatoula, Louisiana



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