The Pagemaster (1994)

Episode 106 (March 8, 2024)

The written word… that’s the real magic, isn’t it, you guys? Don’t you just love cracking open a great book and being transported to a wondrous world? The Pagemaster (1994) is going to insist that you do love this. Loudly, and repeatedly. Laci and Matt take a look at this bizarre ’90s live-action/animation flop and try to figure out exactly what Turner Feature Animation was going for.

Also Matt wrote a song about this movie.

Time stamps:
00:01:33 — Our personal histories with The Pagemaster
00:10:58 — Pre-movie predictions
00:20:26 — History segment: Turner Feature Animation; career overviews of animation director Pixote Hunt, live action director Joe Johnston, and star Macaulay Culkin
00:33:20 — In-depth movie discussion
01:16:14 — Final thoughts and star ratings

Artwork by Laci Roth.

Music by Rural Route Nine. Listen to their album The Joy of Averages on Spotify (, Apple Music (, or YouTube (

Songs by Rural Route Nine in this episode:
“Your Ambition” –
“Winston-Salem” –
“Snake Drama” –
“The Bible Towers of Bluebonnet” –