GoldenEye (1995)

Episode 104 (February 16, 2024)

Load Bearing Beams welcomes back Number 1 Friend of the Show, “Jack” Wade Hymel, to reconsider GoldenEye (1995). Wade first brought this movie to the show’s attention on an episode in 2017, when both Laci and Matt panned it. Have their hearts thawed? Will James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) catch that falling plane in time? Will the villainous Alec Trevelyan (Sean Bean) successfully pull off his illegal electronic ACH bank transfer? Will the power of Bond’s tender kisses ever bring a woman to climax? Will Laci like any of this? 

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Time stamps:

00:05:41 — Fierce debate: Are movie posters part of a movie?
00:13:22 — Our histories with James Bond and GoldenEye
00:29:39 — Pre-movie predictions
00:35:06 — History segment: Brief history of James Bond; casting Pierce Brosnan; career overviews of Brosnan and director Martin Campbell
00:48:41 — In-depth movie discussion
01:41:50 — Final thoughts and star ratings
01:46:56 — Wade’s song “Book Off The Shelf”

Artwork by Laci Roth.

Music by Rural Route Nine. Listen to their album The Joy of Averages on Spotify (, Apple Music (, or YouTube (

Songs by Rural Route Nine in this episode:
“Your Ambition” –
“Winston-Salem” –
“Snake Drama” –
“The Bible Towers of Bluebonnet” –